Massage at the Salt Room

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Halo Massage $100

The Salt Room is the ONLY location in the U.S. where you can receive this indulgent and uniquely relaxing massage that stimulates circulation and soothes tight muscles. Our gifted therapists adapt their eclectic techniques to your particular needs and preferences, customizing your massage so you enjoy the bodywork that’s right for you. Tension dissolves, leaving only comfort and well-being behind. (Includes Salt therapy)

Deep Tissue Massage $110

This treatment is recommended for those who regularly receive massages and who enjoy intense bodywork. Specialized, focused techniques reach deep muscle layers and address points of attachment as well as the belly of the muscles. Because these techniques tend to be slow and coordinated with deep breathing, just two or three areas can be thoroughly addressed in a 60-minute massage. (Includes Salt therapy)

Couples Massage $200

Share The Salt Room experience with someone special with side-by-side massages. These sessions are perfect for couples, friends or family members who want treatments together as two therapists use two side-by-side tables. (Includes Salt therapy)


Pre-Natal Massage $110

The perfect massage to pamper expectant mothers. A body pillow is used to provide comfort and proper alignment as massage strokes are applied to reduce muscle pain and swelling, increase circulation, and induce relaxation. The perfect gift to honor both Mom and baby in your life! (Includes Salt therapy)

Craniosacral Therapy $100

A gentle, yet profound modality that works at the deepest levels of the central nervous system to effectively remove accumulated blockages within the brain that restrict the flow of cerebral spinal fluids. Facilitates deep meditative states and may relieve certain types of headaches, spinal nerve problems and temporomandibular joint dysfunction. (Provided by our acupuncture physician)



Halo Massage

  • 1 hour Massage
  • Massage in salt room

Couples Massage

  • 1 hour Massage for 2
  • Massage in salt room

Specialty Massage

  • 1 hour Massage
  • Choice of: Deep Tissue, Thai, Pre-natal, or Craniosacral
  • Massage in salt room