Emphysema Treatment Benefits and Side Effects

As with any treatment for emphysema, salt therapy at The Salt Room in Orlando, Florida has benefits and potential side effects which ought to be considered. Thousands of people all over Europe are turning to salt therapy to fight against respiratory diseases with positive results. If you are suffering from emphysema symptoms, salt therapy provides relief and restores your health and is a drug free treatment.
Salt therapy Benefits

Benefits of Treating Emphysema with Salt Therapy

Brings relief from sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath

Coughing and shortness of breath are some of the symptoms displayed by patients suffering from emphysema. Salt therapy at The Salt Room in Orlando, Florida will bring relief by clearing your respiratory tract and making it easier to throw out sputum.

Breath better after just one session

One of the most prominent symptoms of emphysema is shortness of breath. This occurs as lung function decreases. A patient suffering from emphysema will start breathing easier after only one session of salt therapy at The Salt Room with greater effects coming after a few sessions. As the accumulated mucus clears and infection recedes, coughing spells decrease and breathing becomes easier.

Cleansing of airways from harmful airborne and tobacco smoke particles.

One of the leading causes of emphysema is cigarette smoking. Sometimes even exposure to cigarette smoke can worsen your emphysema. The salt particles act as a brush and clear your airways of smoke, pollen and other allergens which can harm you. The salt therapy also clears your respiratory tract of bacteria and thereby reduces your infection.

Increases remission times

Salt therapy not only brings temporary relief from your symptoms but makes sure that you do not fall a prey to infection again. After undergoing salt therapy at The Salt Room in Orlando, Florida, the patient enjoys a long holiday from emphysema. He or she will enjoy better health for at least six months and sometimes more than a year.

Feel revitalized

Emphysema patients experience fatigue and feel listless. Salt therapy at The Salt Room in Orlando, Florida helps to revitalize your entire being. Salt therapy will drive away fatigue and you will feel energy once again coursing through your veins. Salt therapy also soothes your nerves and drives away anxiety and stress. You will feel as if you have been given a new lease on life.

Improve general health and quality of life

Salt therapy at The Salt Room in Orlando, Florida not only helps you to conquer your disease but also improves your general health by strengthening your defenses. After having taken the full salt therapy treatment, you will develop greater resistance to disease and will have to visit the doctor less often. You will be able to lead a more normal life.

Side Effects of Salt Therapy for Emphysema Sufferers

Few side effects have been reported by patients undergoing salt therapy treatment for emphysema at The Salt Room in Orlando, Florida. Mild skin irritation has been reported by some salt therapy patients. Sometimes rashes appear in the initial stages of salt therapy treatment which disappear once the treatment progresses. A slight tickling sensation of the throat has been reported by some cystic fibrosis patients which can be remedied by saline water gargles. Sometimes conjunctivitis can occur therefore sensitive cystic fibrosis patients are advised to keep their eyes shut during the treatment.

There are certain precautions that should be kept in mind. You should absolutely consult your doctor before you start salt therapy for cystic fibrosis if you have: internal diseases in decompensation; severe hypertension; relapsing and massive bleeds of any kind; blood diseases in acute stage; acute stage of respiratory diseases; severe chronic respiratory failure; active tuberculosis; mental disorders and all kinds of drug addiction; malignant diseases; intoxication; cachexia; or pregnancy.